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Started in 2005

“I do a little of everything.”

“Helping build a great company with phenomenal products.”

“That is tough. We have so many great products. It depends what I feel like that day. Steaks and chops are probably my favorite, but ribs and brats are right there also.”

“We had Wagyu Prime Rib for Christmas at my parents and it went over really well. It was a very festive time with good food and company.”


Managing Member/Co-Owner

Started in 2005

“I am responsible for payroll and all authorized banking. I coordinate our fun outings and team events.”

“We have a great team here at Premier and I like the importance of family. We are also very proud of our amazing product. I enjoy Friday lunches when we grill and catch up with each other. Lots of laughs.”

“Tim is a terrific smoker of our Berkshire ribs, probably my favorite. It is hard to beat a Premier American Kobe ribeye too.”

“Growing up my Dad was a great griller and made family dinners memorable. I loved eating outside on the picnic table by the lake. With my children grown and busy, anytime I can have a meal with my family is special.”



Started in 2013

“I oversee operations and finance.”

“Working with our producers to bring the finest product to the marketplace.”

“Definitely the Kobe Burgers.”

“Getting to order pizza and eat on the deck outside when my mom cooked my dad liver and onions.”


Inventory Manager

Started in 2012

“I coordinate inventory to sales to ensure our customers get the freshest product.”

“Entire family engaged in conversation. Crazy at times with three boys.”


Marketing Director

Started in 2018

“I make sure we adhere to a what our brand stands for and get the word out.”

“I have loved seeing my parents’ hard work payoff, and it is great to be an official part of the journey again.”

“Pretty much anything my dad makes; I won’t order beef or pork at restaurants since it doesn’t compare.”

“My family: parents, brother, both sets of grandparents, aunt, and my husband’s family all had breakfast and dinner together in the Dominican Republic for a week, it was time well spent.”


Midwest Regional Sales Director

Started in 2015

“I create and manage accounts throughout the Midwest.”

“It is a small family environment that still allows for a great deal of autonomy.”

“Jalapeno poppers using peppered Berkshire Bacon.”

“Root beer floats with my Grandpa or fried bread with my Grandma.”


Warehousing/Over the Road Driver

Started in 2012

“Audit Inventory, Shipments, Deliveries, Oversee World Headquarters Warehouse.”

“People I work with and our customers.”

“Berkshire Burgers and Kobe Steaks.”

“When we are all together.”


Security Manager

Started in 2019

“I greet everyone at the front door and occasionally bark through conference calls to alert everyone there is someone on the phone.”

“I always include “Head of Sampling” in my dog description…but it is frowned upon at this establishment.”

“I am a particular fan of all things that come from this precious place.”

“One time I came up to my sister and licked her steak tacos while it was still in her hands. That rush of adrenaline was great.”


Head of Wellness

Started in 2019

I bring considerable joy to my co-workers by sitting on their laps and relieving stress.”

I love sitting in my dad’s office and the promise of the occasional piece of bacon is a nice perk.”

I’m working hard on my puppy dog eyes to manipulate my parents into giving me some. It smells out of this world!”

I enjoy when all the rest of my fur siblings and cousins sit around the grill waiting for anything to drop. It’s a great bonding experience for us.”


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