Steaks for Days


Craving a mouthwatering steak? Don’t settle for just any steak. Strive for the taste that only Premier American Kobe Beef® can offer. We aren’t going to sugar coat it. This will probably ruin all steaks forever for you…but it will be worth it! Really craving or willing to share? The Steaks for Days and Days Large Box is for you.

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Wagyu Beef known for its delicate marbling and thus superior flavor. Pairing the best beef with small family farms results in one of the best steaks. Want to learn even more about our Wagyu? Learn more here.

As always, our animals are raised to the highest standard.

  • Never ever given antibiotics, hormones, growth promotants, or animal by-products.
  • Our animals are always vegetarian fed and are ethically raised on small family farms.
  • No artificial ingredients, coloring, preservatives are used, and product is never pumped or injected.
  • All products have no added nitrate, nitrite, or MSG.

All products ship on Monday or Tuesday via FedEx Ground

*Box only contains items listed in description*

**All Strip Steaks are center cut