Prestige (BMS 9+) Wagyu 12 oz. Striploin Steak


Whether is be a special occasion or just time to splurge on a good meal, these Premier American Kobe Beef® Wagyu striploin steaks will not disappoint


All other steaks may be ruined forever. These steaks are made from ultra-premium Wagyu. Humanely raised on small family farms without antibiotics or hormones. BMS score refers to the amount of marbling. The more marbling, the more tenderness and flavor you will experience. Judged on a scale of 1-12, a 9-12 ranking is the best. These steaks are only made from cattle that have met these criteria. It truly is an experience to enjoy. 

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Package Options

4 Pack

Four Pack Weight

4, 12 oz. Steaks


Premier American Kobe Beef® An American Style Kobe/Wagyu Beef

Shipping Information

Ships on Mondays/Tuesdays. Flat Rate Shipping of $35. Only shipping to United States zip codes.

Storage and Handling

Not Preserved-Keep Refrigerated or Frozen

Cooking Suggestions

Wagyu beef is delicate and does not respond to excessive heat. Use low to medium heat to sear each side and then cook to at least 145°F.

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