8 oz. Wagyu Baseball Cut Steak


Premier American Kobe Beef® 5 Star filet comes from Wagyu raised on small family farms. Raised with no antibiotics or hormones you’ll come to love this fillet that will impress at dinner parties and nights in alike.


Filet mignon move over! These sirloin filets, commonly called baseball cuts, are a perfect alternative. In other words, get more bang for your buck. Not convinced? It’s difficult to find in most grocer’s cases. However it is not because of a lack of quality. It is simply unknown. Similarly it’s also a well-kept secret. If you’re having a large party, or want to enjoy Wagyu at a lower price point, this is your chance! You’ll hit it out of the park with this thick flavorful filet.

The highest standard means something. Here are some of our claims to fame.

  • Never ever given antibiotics, hormones, growth promotants, or animal by-products.
  • Always vegetarian fed.
  • Ethically raised on small family farms.
  • No artificial ingredients, coloring, preservatives
  • Product is never pumped or injected.

Want to learn even more about our humanely raised Wagyu? Visit our page.

Additional information


Full Box, 4 Pack, 2 Cuts

Package Options

2 Pack, 4 Pack, Full Box

2 Pack Weight

2, 8 oz. individually sealed filets totaling 16 oz. (1 lb.)

4 Pack Weight Option

4, 8 oz. individually sealed filets totaling 32 oz. (2 lbs.)

Full Box Weight

20, 8 oz. individually sealed filets totaling 160 oz. (10 lbs.)


Premier American Kobe Beef® 5 Star Wagyu Beef

Shipping Information

Ships on Mondays/Tuesdays. Flat Rate Shipping of $35. Free shipping on orders of $175 and over. Only shipping to United States zip codes.

Storage and Handling

Not Preserved-Keep Refrigerated or Frozen

Cooking Suggestions

Cook over low to medium heat until reaching an internal temperature of 145°F for medium rare.

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