8 oz. Bison Patty


Premier American Bison® 8 oz. bison patty. A whole half-pound of lean protein ready to go straight on the grill or made into a protein-rich meal! Bison raised on independent ranches with no added hormones or antibiotics. A welcome addition to any meal!


8 oz. bison patty, a whole half pound of burger bliss. Certainly you are thinking, “what do I have to cut out of my diet to eat a whole half pound of meat?” Answer, not as much as you think. Bison is lean protein. Now you’re like, “cool, why do I buy your bison?”. We like you independent thinker. Our bison is raised on independent ranches. Anytime we can support the little guys we do. (It’s why we like to call ourselves Underdog Champions.) Additionally, there are no hormones or antibiotics. We also utilize a natural harvesting process. This is due to how it preserves the color and flavor of the meat. Furthermore it doesn’t add additional ingredients like phosphates. Definitely a noteworthy quality. But ultimately we encourage you to try our bison because we, like you, enjoy the best meat on the market. We believe we have that.


Want to learn even more about our bison? Check out our bison page!

Additional information

Package Options

Full Box, Single Package

Single Package Weight

16 oz. (1 lb.) 2 patties per package

Full Box Weight

12 packages, 12 lbs.


Ground Premier American Bison® (80% Lean/20% Fat)

Shipping Information

Ships on Mondays/Tuesdays. Flat Rate Shipping of $35. Only shipping to United States zip codes.

Storage and Handling

Not Preserved-Keep Refrigerated or Frozen

Cooking Suggestions

Bison cooks much faster compared to beef. Cook at lower temperatures. Cook raw ground bison to an internal temperature of 160 °F as measured with a food thermometer per USDA recommendations.

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