10 oz. Bison Ribeye


Premier American Bison™ 10 oz. bison ribeye. One of the oldest cuts meet one of the oldest proteins. Basically your grill and steak craving are going to be very happy. Raised on independent ranches without added hormones or antibiotics this is a lean machine packed with protein!


A bison ribeye. Probably makes sense to pair one of the oldest cuts with one of the most traditional proteins. Steak cravings, consequently, will join a by-gone era. This is 10 oz. of lean protein with a satisfying flavor and coloring. It’s a result from our natural harvest process. Similarly it doesn’t add additional ingredients, such as phosphates. It only makes sense therefore to have our bison raised on independent ranches. Which by the way don’t use added hormones or antibiotics. Only all-natural bison here! The grill isn’t going to start itself so might as well make it worth it with a bison ribeye!


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Package Options

Full Box, 4 Pack, 2 Cuts

2 Packs Weight

2, 10 oz. Steaks Individually Wrapped, totaling 20 oz.

4 Pack Weight

4, 10 oz. Steaks Individually Wrapped, totaling 40 oz.

Full Box Weight

14, 10 oz. Steaks Individually Wrapped, totaling 140 oz.


Premier American Bison®

Shipping Information

Ships on Mondays/Tuesdays. Flat Rate Shipping of $35. Only shipping to United States zip codes.

Storage and Handling

Not Preserved-Keep Refrigerated or Frozen

Cooking Suggestions

Bison cooks much faster compared to beef. Cook at lower temperatures. Cook all raw bison steaks to a minimum internal temperature of 145°F as measured with a food thermometer before removing meat from the heat source per USDA recommendation.

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