1/8th of Wagyu


Love Wagyu? This is for you! Receive approximately 60 pounds direct to your door.


This is the perfect opportunity to buy your favorite Wagyu items in bulk! Certainly you can stock your freezer, or split with family and friends. Basically the option is up to you!

Either way, you receive approximately 60 pounds with the following items shipped directly to your door!

Wagyu is one of the most desirable breeds in the world. Our Wagyu is raised on small family farms in the Midwest. No antibiotics. No hormones. Always vegetarian fed. Third party audited for claims and humane treatment. Consequently, we talk the talk and walk the walk. The USDA only grades up to prime, which doesn’t account for extensive marbling Wagyu is known for. So we have developed our own grading system based off of BMS (Beef Marble Score).

In short, whether you choose to stuff your own freezer or share the love, there is plenty of Wagyu to go around!

Additional information

Package Weight

Approximately 60 lbs.

Shipping Information

Ships on Mondays/Tuesdays. Only shipping to United States zip codes. Shipping included for this package.

Storage and Handling

Not Preserved-Keep Refrigerated or Frozen

Cooking Suggestions

Wagyu does not respond well to high heat. Cook on low-to-medium heat until desired finish. For information on each item visit their linked pages.

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